Cottage Herb Co. ~ Sunshine Cream
Cottage Herb Co.

Cottage Herb Co. ~ Sunshine Cream

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Keep your soul warm and sunny with our homegrown calendula serum-infused Sunshine Cream.  A whipped cream texture provides lasting moisture but is blended with water to provide optimal absorption for dry skin.

Our calendula flowers are plucked every day in morning sunrise or quiet evenings from June to November.  

Calendula’s medicinal affinity is for moving that which has stagnated in our defense system. He isolates and quarantines what doesn’t belong, and he helps warm the whole system, urging the body toward healthy circulation. Calendula offers us an opportunity to move that which has stagnated in our lives. He helps us warm and dry the emotional-energetic pools we’ve ignored or not quite noticed. Calendula magic offers us an opportunity to reclaim our boundaries and to make full use of the energy we already possess. Calendula magic is the magic of recognizing and using our wealth.

Calendula’s flowers follow the sun, gathering in those gentle, fiery, nourishing energies. His magic is warming, coaxing us into a brighter disposition and offering us a glimpse into the sunny possibilities even when we’re feeling mired in the dark of winter.  He asks us to seek similar energies in our lives and to use them to bring ourselves and our work into blossom. Calendula magic is the magic of nurturing potential

How to: For face and body. Use clean fingers to apply. Store in a cool, dark location. Use within 1 year from opening. 

Ingredients: Calendula infused avocado oil, organic shea butter, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, vegetable-derived emulsifier, distilled water, vitamin E, light essential oil blend of orange and rosewood, radish root ferment filtrate, germal plus 

Safety: May be used by all ages. Not for internal use. Not recommended for open cuts or wounds. Always try a small patch test the first time you use a new product. 



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